Thursday, March 1, 2012

40/40 day 9: I don't want to blog today

I don't feel like blogging today.  I'm tired and I don't want to.  It has been 9 days since I started this journey and I thought I would last a little longer than 9 days before I got tired of blogging, but it happens.  I got to wondering about other people and their Lentin decisions.  Do we all get to the same place at the same time? Are people who gave up meat "jonesing" for a cheeseburger right about now?  Do people who have taken up exercising  want to sleep in and not run a mile?  If not then when will this moment happen for them? And who do they turn to for help and accountability?  Maybe that is what I am thinking about today: Accountability.

We cannot go through this alone.  Whether it is something we have given up or something we have taken on, it is necessary for us to have someone or multiple someones keeping us on track with what we are or are not doing.   Someone to ask us how it is going. to encourage us to keep going when we feel like stopping.  We need someone to support us when we fail and not judge us but put us back on track when we venture off.  My Lenten decision just happens to be a public one.  My accountability are the ones who read the blog.  I check to see if anyone does, and they do.  I do not know who they are and when they read or if they are the same people everyday, but they do.  That makes a blog worth writing if no one reads it then a blog is like a sermon to an empty church: Just a man talking to himself.  Or just a waste of time and another site on the interweb.

So hey, if you are out there and are reading this, then thanks.  Thanks for taking the time to read it.  Thanks for keeping me accountable.  Thanks for being there when I feel like quitting.  Thanks for listening to the ramblings of this poor campus minister.  Leave a comment and let me know you're out there.

Until tomorrow.
Hair the Theolobster

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  1. Keep going! You can do it! I've been reading when I have had the time. I for one am enjoying it.