Friday, March 23, 2012

40/40 supplemental Days OFF

Okay so I am tired.  This week has been hectic tiring, exhausting.  I organized a cookout, did a Bible study and today I took a mission team around Philly.  I learned two things.  One is you can't see all of Philly in one day, and you shouldn't even try.

I also learned something that applies to this blog session.  According to the rules of Lent, Sundays don't count.  I wish I had known that before I started.  If I continue on the path I am on I will finish my 40th blog a week before Lent is over.  So i am taking this weekend off.  No blogs until Monday.  Tomorrow and Sunday will be busy so I am not taking the time to blog.  I owe myself 7 days.  This blog doesn't even count

Hair the Theolobster

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