Thursday, March 22, 2012

40/40 day 29 mission team and coffee

Today was another good day.  This morning the mission team, Chuck and I did a coffee outreach at a train station.  It was wet, nasty and we didn't see a whole lot of people.  We did not have a large group manning the table, but we had a lot of folks who were prayer walking Swarthmore College.

Afterward they returned to the church and dug trenches, shoveled soil, and several other things on the church grounds.  Thanks to this team we have a light in our shed, motion sensor lights outside, soil that was delivered for a garden that hasn't been built yet shoveled, our neighbor's yard was cleaned, we got 1500 Easter Eggs filled for our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, we made contact with over 20 something students at a cookout, we prayerwalked 2 campuses, passed out hundreds of flyers, and several other things that I don't even know.  Who knows what the impact of this team will be.  We have made many new friends and some lasting partnerships with our fellow Christians in our neighboring state, OHIO.  May God bless them and give them safe passage home.  They have 2 more days.  Please pray that they will have safety and success Thursday and Friday.

Until tomorrow
the Theolobster

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