Monday, March 12, 2012

40/40 Day 20 Halfway there

This is the halfway mark.  The point in time that we celebrate having come as far as we have, but realize that we have equally as far to go.  It is not as bad as it sounds. We simply must muscle through all of the things that are coming in the future.  They aren't much different than the things that we have overcome to get this far.  I am not saying that it will be easier, nor is it going to be harder.  We simply need to tackle them with the same gusto that  perseverance that we had those last 20 days.  We will want to give up, but we must continue forward.  We will wish we never started this journey, but we did that 10 days ago.  We will want time to speed up and get to the end of this journey so we can see what we will be like when we get there, but we must let time run its course and accept that we have not learned all that we need to learn or become what we wanted to become.  We are only half way there.  The rest is a journey that we need to take.  If we did not need to take it then we would not have started it and would have stayed where we were. So let's keep going and let's keep moving forward.

This message was intended for those who specifically are doing something for Lent.  However I hope that it blesses all who read it.  May this experience be rewarding and draw you closer to the Lord.  Be Blessed.

Hair the Theolobster

The halfway point
PS I know I said I would talk about yesterday, but I still need to process some things.  I will finish my series on the book of Ruth tomorrow.

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