Saturday, March 17, 2012

40/40 day 25 What am I going to preach tomorrow?

It is the end of a long week,  we have a mission team from Ohio at our church this week.  I have to preach a sermon tomorrow night to a crowded room, and I have nothing.  We just finished the book of Ruth, so I have no plan for the next two weeks.  Here I am wasting time on the computer playing video games, and blogging and I still got nothing.  I have prayed, looked up lectionaries (which I don't normally preach from) and have scoured the internet for good ideas (or bad ones at this point)  and it comes down to this.  In 19 hours I will be in front of 30 people who are expecting something awesome from the Lord through me and I got nothing.

I must admit I did waste some time on YouTube seeking inspiration and saw some awesome Jewish artists, the Maccabeats, an acapella  group doing some interesting songs about Jewish feasts, Micha'el Ben David who has a unique style and sound and Liel Kolet who just did a beautiful song entitled Elohim Sheli which roughly translated is My God.

I know that these are Jewish artists, but they are singing about my God too.

Anyway I will leave you to enjoy the video from youtube, and I will go and seek the Lord about my sermon topic or scripture for tomorrow night.

Until tomorrow
Hair the Theolobster

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