Thursday, March 15, 2012

40/40 day 22 LOGOS Student Ministry is born

I suppose I have delayed this long enough.  This week the good news came.  Logos has officially become a student organization.  Last night was our first officially sanctioned club meeting.  I got this news from an officer of the SGA.  I have not received much else in the line of news, but I am waiting.  It took about two years to get to this place.  There are some people who credit me, but I cannot take any of the glory.  It started with Pastor Chuck Kieffer starting as a chaplain at Widener.  Then it turned into a weekly worship service on campus.  Then it morphed into one student wanting more than just a service and desired a student organization and Bible study.  One by one students and other individuals found their way to the group.  Some were invited by myself, others were collected by fellow students.  One by one we got enough people to form a group.  Then we finally found a faculty adviser.  Then we formed a constitution.  We jumped through all the hoops and found a toehold as a student org.

I have to tell the story of our student president.  While Ashley D, the first student previously mentioned, was about to graduate and leave, our current president was starting as a freshman nursing and ROTC student.  She was a large part in inviting people to the Bible study.  One day as I was relaxing in the Interfaith Center, she came in upset that due to a medical issue, she was being kicked out of the ROTC.  Fortunately we had a semester missionary position open and provided her with a stipend and some health insurance.  She has been busy doing the leg work  necessary to help LOGOS become an official Student organization.

I owe the credit for this to Ashley D, Chuck Kieffer, Bettina, Ashley N, Kevin, Elizabeth, Rachel, Andre, Carl, Viraga, Ryan, Michell, Sara, Chris, Maggie, Kayla, Sam, Autumn...  Most of all I give the glory to God Almighty.
It is by the power of God we have a Christian Student Organization known as LOGOS.

the Theolobster


  1. This is cause for a celebration of Christ glory being revealed on yet another college campus

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