Sunday, March 4, 2012

40/40 Day 12 A Sunday Blessing

Sundays are tough and I don't usually have anymore time to think original and extensive thoughts.  So I will leave you with this.  I hope it is a blessing for you.

May those you have helped find Redemption
Be Blessed
May those whom you have helped find Redemption
Be Blessed
May you as you seek Redemption
Be Blessed
May you seek Peace
and find Wholeness
May you be valued by others
And give others 
The value you desire
Respect is earned when it is given
Life is lived when you are forgiven
Abundantly overflowing and shared
Live as one who is loved 
Love as one who has lived

We're all in this together
Just one beggar
Telling another Beggar 
Where to find
the Bread.

the Theolobster

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