Monday, March 26, 2012


Okay so what I am about to say may not make me popular with the masses out in the world.  It may cause some people to stop reading my blog, or worse, but I am tired of people over-sensationalizing events and making them into more than they should be.

What I am referring to is the recent shooting of Travyon Martin.  This has blown way out of proportion.  People across the country are rallying and protesting because a young black kid was shot by a white man.  Okay so I admit, I hate to hear about a kid getting shot and killed.  It grieves my spirit that a child so young has lost his life in a senseless and violent way, and I wish that it never happened.  However the world (and by world I mean the political activists and media) have jumped to all sorts of conclusions based on emotionalism and personal insult.  It is almost as if they had nothing else to fight against, that they overlook all of the details of the encounter and decide that George Zimmerman, who will never have a normal life anymore,  is a racist who saw a black kid in a hoodie and decided to shoot him.

I just want people to think about this:  George Zimmerman was captain of his neighborhood watch.  The neighborhood watch patrols the neighborhood and looks for anything  that makes the neighborhood unsafe and endangers the people in it. They are keyed into anything that does not belong or has not been there before.  What Zimmerman saw was a kid that was not part of his neighborhood wandering down street acting suspiciously.  Zimmerman called the cops. There was an altercation and Zimmerman got a broken nose and Travyon was shot dead.

Zimmerman was doing his duty as captain of the neighborhood watch.  He was trying to keep his community safe, and report things that were not normal.  Why he had a gun with him I don't know, but he did and was licensed to carry it.

However because Martin was a black kid, Zimmerman is now a racist, and Travyon Martin is being hailed as a hero and symbol of the white man stereotyping a black man. A martyr in a war that should over by now. Although he had some shady instances in his not so distant past.  He was suspended from school and not living with his parents.  Also it is more than likely that he attacked Zimmerman first, but that is pointless according to the media and other activists.

I am sure if Travyon was a white kid, then George would have done the same thing and he may have been hailed as a good citizen that protects his family does his job and maybe he would have gotten a commendation.  Or if Zimmerman was a black man then there would be no comment about it whatsoever, and it would have been swept under the rug.

So I just want to tell everybody out there to CHILL OUT!  Travyon wasn't shot simply because he was a black kid in a hoodie.  He was followed because he was in a place that he did not belong acting like he did not belong there and acting like he was up to something.  Zimmerman was doing his duty by following and reporting.  He was shot because he attacked someone!  Let's also not forget that all of the details of the confrontation have yet to be released.  Until they do I will watch and pray. I ask that you do the same and withhold judgement until all of the facts have been revealed. Pray for Travyon's family, Pray for George Zimmerman, Pray for the idiots who have jumped on the racism bandwagon that they will not go too far.  Pray for our country that this does not turn into a Rodney King riot situation again.  Pray for Florida.  Pray for America.  PRAY PRAY PRAY.  Pray that when the truth comes out that it will be heard and not be ignored due to over-sensationalism and hurt pride.

The Theolobster

PS> This is why I hate blogging.  Now the whole world knows how I feel about this.  Popular or not there it is.

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

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