Tuesday, March 6, 2012

40/40 day 13 (technically day14) I almost didn't Blog today. A word on encouragement.

So I almost didn't blog today.  Do I feel bad about it? not sure.  Well it is after midnight and  for the past couple of hours I thought about putting this off until tomorrow.  I feel like I have said nothing of value in the past couple of days.  I went from not wanting to blog, to having nothing to say, to creating a poem of sorts just to fill space.  I was all ready to go to bed when I checked Facebook one last time today and saw someone looking for my blog today.  Someone who has encouraged me to continue doing what I had committed myself to do.  These are the type of people we all need.  When we start to run out of steam, and are tired and have nothing left they either kick us in the pants and tell us to keep going, or they remind us of why we started doing this in the first place or they pick us up and carry us to the end.

I think of the stories of olympic athletes (I am not comparing blogging to an Olympic sport, but life in general, and perhaps this is what I am learning through this experience some life lesson)  I think of the story of the guy who fell and hurt himself just before getting to the finish line and his father came and half carried him to complete the race.  I think of the injured gymnast who with the whole world watching ran and performed her last vault jump. I think of the stories of the people who say the roar of the crowd gave them the strength to make it the last few feet.  I am not even in the middle of the race yet and I needed someone to cheer me on.  These are the people we need in our lives.

I don't know where you are in your Lenten Journey, or even if you have embarked on one, but let me encourage you to keep going.  Let me encourage you to make it to the end.  There is hope!  You can do it!  You may be asking what if I have failed already? What if I already did what I said I wasn't going to do?  Or What if I did not do what I had committed myself to do?  Well I know that there is Grace and Forgiveness.  Pick yourself up off the ground, dust yourself off, and keep going.  This is the person we need to be in someone's life.  To encourage them to keep going.

And if you still think you can't go on, then remember Your coach,  Your Daddy, Your Father God will run out to middle of the track, pick you up and allow you to lean on Him until you reach the finish line.

Still Blogging
the Theolobster

PS.  Thanks PC

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