Wednesday, March 14, 2012

day 21 REDEEMED!! Tell someone!

Some times when you preach all of elements are just there.  Not necessarily the structure, but rather the spirit, the text, the audience and the preacher.  This is what happened  Sunday night.  I was preaching on the final Chapter of Ruth and struggling with some of the content.  However once when I got to the point everything clicked.

The book of Ruth we saw that Ruth and Naomi were in need of redemption.  they were two worthless women who valued each other. They were widows with no children and Ruth was a Moabitess.  She had so many strikes against her, but her kindness and her search for redemption for Naomi and herself paid off.

Boaz was introduced as the kinsman redeemer.  However, chapter 3 introduced the fact that there was another redeemer that was closer to them.  This was the cliff hanger.

When I began to look at this allegorically (where one character or item in the story represents something else)  things started to click.  We started with Ruth and Naomi who represented us who are in need of redemption.  We are totally unable to save ourselves just as Ruth and Naomi were unable to redeem themselves.  We have this sin nature that hinders us and causes many negative aspects in our lives.  We are hopeless and unworthy.

Then there is this nearer redeemer who represented the Law.  God set forth this system that we were to follow in order to find redemption.  It showed us how to live and sacrifice the right animals in order to be saved and set right in the eyes of the Lord.  However, this system was incomplete and did not work so well in the long run.  There was little love in the law and the consequences for not following the law were grave. The wages of sin is death and if we are guilty of breaking part of it we are guilty of it all.  It was an incomplete method of redemption.  The other redeemer when offered the the land to redeem was interested, but when offered Ruth was turned off.  There was no love for Naomi or Ruth.

This is where Boaz comes in.  He loved Ruth.  He was out to not only Redeem her, but take her as his Bride.  He was excited about this opportunity and did all that he could to make this possible.  He is an example of Christ. Jesus Loves us and does not want to see us suffer in sin and its negative consequences.  He decided to go beyond the letter of the Law and Redeem all of humankind.  For Good! Completely!  He wants to Completely RESTORE US AND BRING US INTO A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AND GOD!!!!  THAT IS WHAT HE CAME TO DO!! and when you come to Him you can say:

       I AM REDEEMED!!!
            I AM REDEEMED!!!!

It is at this point of the sermon I began to get excited and it translated into the congregation.  I got happy and was overwhelmed by the spirit of God to express it.  At one time I think I "Whoo"ed!  It was awesome.  Later someone said that I looked more holy on stage.  I don't know about that.  They credited it to my hair and my shirt.  I credit it to the work of God.

There are just some topics God get's us happy about.  Redemption is one of them.  We are Redeemed and we should be willing to talk about it, sing about it, shout about it, and ultimately tell every one we meet.  So share it and tell the world that you are Redeemed and show them how they can be too.

Until Tomorrow
Hair the Theolobster

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