Tuesday, March 27, 2012

40/40 day 32 My last word on the subject

After my last blog I am sure that many things have happened.  For those who have left me,  I will miss you, and I say thanks for traveling with me this far.  For those who have just joined me, welcome to this journey of mine.   For those who are still with me, thanks for hanging with me.

I am a firm believer in the love and grace of God. I preach it. I teach it. I rely on it, stand in it, and am consumed by it.  The Love of God is the reason why I am a Christian, it is what saves me, protects me, provides for me and convicts me when I am wrong.  It is my duty and obligation as a child of God to share this love that has changed my life with the world.  In the broader sense and to the individual people of this world.  God has called me to love my neighbor, my family, my God and my enemy.  I cannot choose who to love, I have to love those who hate me, those whom I don't like so much, those who are like me, those who are different, in essence there is no one that is beyond the realm of God's love and no one I should not share that love with.

So in saying that, it bothers me when I see Christians and preachers and pastors specifically spewing hate rhetoric.  It bothers me when preachers take on causes simply to make their name greater than it is.  Sure they cover it up with words like justice and righteousness.  However, under these words and in their eyes they lies the secret words judgement and retribution.  In essence I have seen men of God looking to take the law of God into their own hands.  They are out for blood, or someone is out for blood and they are fueling the fire.  They may speak the love of God, but they live for the wrath of man.  They may embrace and wear the name of God, but wish that their name is great.

Was there an injustice done?  Yes.
Am I sad that someone died?  Yes
Do I think there is a race problem in America?  Yes
Do I think that the guy needs to answer for killing someone?  Yes
Should he do some jail time?  Yes
Should he die?  Maybe maybe not
Should we be the ones to judge?
Should we let this be the case that tears this country apart?  If we are not careful men and women of God, it may be.
Is that an extreme question to ask?  Yes and No,

Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matt 5:9

We must find ways to preserve peace.  We must find a way to rectify this situation and bring peace to the families involved.  We must find ways to set our pride aside and join this world in solving the problems of race, not with violent sounding speeches that make people angry and full of hate.  Not with rallies that create amped emotions.  Not with a mob mentality or the death of an offender.

Maybe the answer is simple.  Respect for people as individuals regardless of color and creed.  People of all races, social classes, and denominations coming together to  pray and know the Lord our God.  It requires us setting aside ourselves and realizing that we are no better than any one other person, and not seeking glory or our name in lights.  Then maybe we can be peace makers and be called sons and daughters of God.

I'm just one beggar telling another beggar where to find the bread.

The Theolobser

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