Monday, November 12, 2012

A Calling

I have a friend in Northern Ireland who runs a ministry called Project Evangelism.  He is an amazing man by the name of John Moxen.  He has been doing ministry there for about 40+ years.   He has spent his entire ministry working through the strife and animosity between Catholics and Protestants in the area.  He has outlived the hatred and destruction and has a ministry that is respected and effective.  He says that he has never asked for money or for things, but God has provided what he needs through other people and other means.

I have tried to do my ministry this way, but I have been most unsuccessful.  For those who may or may not know I am a support raising missionary.  I am currently serving as the campus minister on the campus of Widener University in Chester, PA.  (for those of you who do not know where that is. It just outside of Philly (or Philadelphia for you who still don't know.))  Widener is a private institution with an enrollment of 6,600 students, and within those 6,600 students there is only one Christian student organization.  That is the small group called LOGOS.  I am the teacher and guide to these students.

LOGOS started with one student who wanted to change her campus.  With her help we gathered several more.  As of 2012, we have 15+ students actively participating in faith life on campus and sharing their faith with their fellow students.  There is still much work to do much that needs to be accomplished.  As I said there are 15 students actively involved.  There are 6,585 that are not.   I know I cannot reach them all, but I can sure try.

the Students of LOGOS
The problem is, and the reason for this particular blog is that recently I have hit some financial setbacks.  Let's face it, this economy is tough and it ain't getting better.  I understand this, but I know that my God has not abandoned me and my ministry is worth continuing.  The problem is I cannot do it without asking for help.  If you have read this far in the blog please consider supporting me in my ministry.  I am issuing what I call the
2:2 CHALLENGE.  It is a means for me to raise my support and to let the world know what I need to survive the next year and semester.  This is how it breaks down:

I have two categories that I need help in.

 First one is monthly support.  I am looking to raise $2,000* in monthly support.  That means I need people to pledge an amount of money to send in monthly to the North American Mission Board earmarked to me and my ministry.  You would become my monthly partners in the work that God is doing on the campus of Widener University.  Although I would love it if someone could do the whole batch alone, I am hoping and praying for many people to join in and help.

20 people @ $100 dollars a month
10 people @ $200 dollars a month
50 people @ $40 dollars a month
100 people @ $20 dollars a month
200 people @ $10 dollars a month*

It is not that outlandish of a request.  This money will allow for the continuation of a growing and flourishing ministry on the campus.

The second part of the 2:2 CHALLENGE is for those people who cannot commit to monthly support, but want to give something.  I am also trying to raise $2000 in one time gifts*.  Again I am not asking for all of it from a single source.  The same breakdown as before applies no only with out the monthly comittment. It is a one time gift of $50, $100, or $200 or whatever the Lord lays on your heart.  This money will help me catch up on some bills and provide meals for me and my students and will help fund a much needed trip to South Carolina to see my family and connect with some ministries down there and do some more one on one fund raising.

I do not ask for money very often, and this Challenge is only the beginning of what is needed.  I was raised that you worked for what you get.  I am working hard doing the work of God on the Campus.  I am seeing lives changed, students finding the value in the word of God, connecting to missions, and uniting with a form of church that is both missional and functional.  Many are incountering the Word of God for the first time and are coming to a faith that encourages them and challenges them to reach out beyond themselves.  I am working and asking the Lord to provide.  Perhaps he has called you to help with that provision.  I have included a link to my online giving account.  That will take you to a page that will give you more information about me and my ministry.

Answer the 2:2 Challenge online giving

Please click on it and see what it is all about.  Please pray and let God lead you.  Please consider supporting this ministry.

If you need more information or want to talk to me email me at or find me on Facebook

thank you and Shalom
Michael Hair Kelley
the Theolobster

*Every contribution is made through the North American Mission Board and is tax deductable.