Tuesday, April 3, 2012

40/40 day 36 REDEMPTION

It is almost 11:30 at night.  I am tired and have yet to see my home.  So I will attempt to be brief.

Tonight was our concert on the campus of Widener University that we call Redemption.  (the concert is called Redemption not the university.)  Opening the night was the Forge's house band Fourth Man Furnace.  They did an excellent job and the sound was awesome. Matt Miazga, the lead for Fourth Man, led us through a tale of struggle and redemption in his music. It was interesting to see his journey reflected in song and many people identified with it.

The next performer was Bryan Easter.  He is a math teacher from Bakersfield, California.  I am not 100% sure how we got him to come to our event, but we knew people who knew people who knew him.  If you have a chance to hear him in concert then go and do it.  He is pretty good and I am glad we now have a friendship with him.http://bryaneaster.com/wordpress/

David Weiss was the featured speaker and truly set the theme for the night.  He told a story through paintings and drama about a wealthy art collector who had a son who died in Vietnam.  A buddy of the son gave the art collector a painting of the son.  When the man died and the art was auctioned off the portrait of the son was the first painting to be sold.  When it sold the auctioneer packed up and left.  People were wondering about the rest of the priceless art.  The auctioneer said "He who takes the son gets it all."
This season of Easter and Lent is about redemption.  It is about freedom from sin and restored relationship with  God and all that it took and takes to do that.  Don't forget that among the hustle and bustle of kids looking for Easter eggs, Passion plays and Cantatas, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, and portraits of families in their Easter best.  It is all about freedom.

Thanks to all who came out tonight and to all who participated in making our Redemption concert the best one we have had.  God bless and Good night.

The Theolobster.

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